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This is a page from AlphaSunglasses with general information about designer sunglasses. Eyewear is a hugely important industry and wearing sunglasses is not just about making a fashion statement, there is plenty of evidence that our eyes need protection from damaging light rays.

But finding the right frames and lenses is not always easy. Many frames look great online but can be most unflattering when you put them on. There are lots of ways you can cut down on the effort to find the sunglasses that flatter your face and enhance your lifestyle.

We have articles on picking sunglasses that will fit your face, on what are the most sought-after shades and how far manufacturers will go to sell you a pair of high fashion branded sunglasses.

We have articles to help you choose from expensive designer brands, whether it is worth paying extra and why sunglasses can be good for your eyesight. We also take a long look at lenses and ask how long UV protection will last, what types of lens give what level of protection and how lenses are tested for optical clarity and toughness.

Performance eyewear is all the rage with many sports personalities promoting their favourite sports sunglasses. It's not just a case of cutting out the glare these days; sunglasses can be tailored for sport-specific environments where crisp, clear vision can give a real competitive edge.

Most of today's top-selling sunglasses brands are owned by just a few conglomerates and they spend thousands of dollars on promotion and celebrity endorsement. With so much money at stake, it's no surprise that the sunglasses market is awash with cheap fakes. We look at whether buying fakes makes you a sharp player or a gullible clown.

Whatever your interest we hope you find something to educate or amuse in this collection of articles about the world of sunglasses. Please contact us if you have views of your own to share.

About Ray-Ban Serial numbers

New Ray-Ban sunglasses arrive with serial codes contain vital information about your Ray-ban frames, but they can be confusing.

Tiny sunglasses make a comeback

Tiny sunglasses are not much good at shading the eyes but fashion insiders are ditching oversized Aviators for the skinny specs look.

Sunglasses for golfers

Golfers can battle all four seasons in a single round and sunglasses need to provide sharpness of vision in all weathers and light conditions.

Turning round the Ray-Ban brand

Now one of the biggest selling designer brands in the world, Ray-Ban sunglasses is a very different brand today than the one once it was.

Sunglasses for the elderly

Designer sunglasses are aimed at the young but they are more than a fashion statement, they play an essential role in protecting the eyes.

Searching for Oakley sunglasses

Oakley is one of the most innovative of sunglasses makers and customers have come to expect a regular roll-out of new models.

Celebrities choose Ray-Bans

Ray-Ban is a world leader in fashion sunglasses and promoted heavily by celebrities of all kinds, from movie stars to music rappers.

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Sought-after Ray-Bans

Ray-Bans are among the most popular brand of designer sunglasses. The fashion conscious like to follow the trends but it's hard.

How sunglasses are made

Sunglasses are designed to protect the eyes both from excessive light and from damaging UV light rays.

Ray-Bans down the decades

Ray-Ban has been making sunglasses for well over 75 years, and one of its greatest achievements is staying at the top for so long.

Tinted sunglasses lenses

Choosing a lens tint for your sunglasses is not just about style or personal preference; lens colour can make a real difference.

Global eyewear sales on the rise

The taste for fashion sunglasses is predicted to continue its upward trend according to the latest research.

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