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Ray-Bans – which are the most sought after?

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Ray-Bans are among the most popular brand of designer sunglasses you can buy these days.

The fashion-conscious like to follow the latest trends, but it can be hard keeping up with the new models that flood the market every season.

Sunglasses manufacturers usually divide their promotions between the tried and tested long-term models that have stood the test of time and innovative new designers that can capture the imagination and the public mood.

Often, a new release will be a blend of both – original and trustworthy models but served up with a modern new twist that capitalises on advances in sunglasses lens and materials technology.

Internet searches for Ray-Ban sunglasses can be an excellent indication of who is looking for what models and what is most likely to be the biggest selling sunglasses this year.

Counting the internet sunglasses search terms is not as straightforward as it seems as there can be many variations on a single theme with, for example, 'ray ban tortoiseshell justin' and 'justin 4165' both contributing to the straightforward 'ray-ban justin'.

But we've done our best to round up and weigh the overall Ray-Ban internet sunglasses searches to come up with what we think is a pretty good take on who is looking for what on the web.

Here is a breakdown of the top internet searches by volume for models of Ray-Ban sunglasses so far this year. It may help you decide if it is time to ditch the old pair and decide what Ray-Bans to wear this season.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer (18,000)

Wayfarers have topped the charts for years, and it is no surprise that they feature very heavily in internet sunglasses searches today. Regarding the simple 'ray ban wayfarer' search, they are way out in front.

However, with relatively few variations on the central Wayfarer theme, they fall behind. Popular variations are searches for 'folding wayfarer', 'wayfarer uk', 'original wayfarer' and 'wayfarer polarized'.

The original Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have been setting the style standard since their launch in 1956 and have been the pick of film stars and media celebrities for generations.

The traditional Wayfarer look is the black frame with green or brown lenses. Still, customers today have a choice of about 30 frame colours, and scores of lens frame combinations with the most searched for on the internet being variations on the tortoiseshell models.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster (21,000)

Another strong contender for the longevity medal is the Ray-Ban Clubmaster. A timeless design inspired by the 1950s gives the Clubmaster a sophisticated appeal that never seems to age.

Internet search volumes for the classic 'ray ban clubmaster' and 'ray ban clubmaster glasses' outstrip all other models, including the Wayfarers and Aviators. Variations on the central theme take this Ray-Ban model to even greater heights with internet searches for 'tortoise' colours the most popular.

More than just sunglasses, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster has come to showcase a comprehensive fashion era with its distinguished bold half-frame and classic lines. It's a style that keeps creeping back into the on-trend fashion world. In fact, Clubmasters don't just keep creeping back; they never even go away.

Ray-Ban Aviator (12,000)

You would be surprised not to find Ray-Ban Aviators featuring in any list of high volume sunglasses searches on the internet. It's another timeless style that has stayed around for a very long time indeed.

An almost instant classic when US pilots started wearing them way back in 1939 they have more than just survived the ups and downs of the fashion world, they have come to dominate it, and the Aviator style continues to thrive.

The classic thin metal frame and teardrop lens are an unsurpassed blend of style and function. Now with scores of variations in frame and lens combinations, the internet customer has a vast choice.

Internet searches for 'black' and 'gold aviators' are popular, particularly for the 'rose gold aviators' while 'women's aviators' also make a significant contribution to the total.

Ray-Ban Justin (4,000)

Echoes of the Wayfarer with an 'edgy' update have made Justins one of the best-selling Ray-Ban models in recent years. The rectangular lenses come with a slightly softer feel while the matte rubber gives a modern twist to the classic style that appeals to the younger market.

There's not much variation in the internet search terms with 'justin' and 'justins' pretty much wrapping them up. Initially designed for men, they have a unisex appeal as the squared-off high arched lenses suit most round and oval faces.

Ray-Ban Erika (3,000)

Internet searches for Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses pip those for 'Jackie Ohh' to the post. These retro vintage sunglasses take their basic style from the classic Clubmaster but give it contemporary roll with modern technology and some modern, bright colours.

The trendy oversized round lenses, sweeping lines and tapered temples are meant to create immediate impact, and the appeal is widespread if the internet searches are anything to go by. Again, variations on the central search theme of 'erika' are thin on the ground suggesting searchers know what they want.

Other Ray-Ban sunglasses internet searches

Apart from searches for Ray-Ban Jackie Ohh sunglasses, there are few searches on 'named' models. Plenty of people are looking for 'ray-ban gunmetal' and 'ray-ban round metal', but otherwise it is Ray-Ban sunglasses model numbers that make the running with 5228 (Wayfarer), 2132 (New Wayfarer), 4165 (Justin), 3025 (Aviator) and 2140 (Wayfarer).

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