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Ray-Ban RB8307 Aviator Sunglasses Review

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Ray-Ban RB8307 Carbon Fibre Aviator Review

As if Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses weren't light enough already, the RB8307 Aviators are yet another riff on one of the most popular eyewear styles of all time.

The frame is a carbon fibre composite that increases strength, adds flexibility and reduces the weight the more familiar RB3025 classics.

Arms are made from a carbon fibre resin composite with thin fibres woven in a crystalline pattern to create a very durable product

The pros of carbon fiber eyewear are the very light weight, the durable and strong material and the built-in flexibility which helps them fit almost any head shape without loss of comfort.

On the downside, carbon fibre glasses are a lot more expensive and more difficult to find as only a few models are manufactured in this material.

RB8307 Aviators come with the classic teardrop lens and full thin fibre rim with the iconic double bridge and a straight top bar.

Adjustable acetate nose pads complete the front-on Aviator look that's pretty much identical to the original style.

The main difference between these and classic Ray-Ban aviators lie in the temples and arms with the RB8307s having thicker, flatter arms and a prominent raised Ray-Ban logo on the temple.

A patterned channel runs the lend of the arms which, unlike the traditional Aviators, are not straight but bow slightly in a shallow downward curve that rests on top of, rather than curling behind, the ears.

This is a high-tech materials update of the traditional popular Aviator style which a layer of luxury to the iconic style but they come with a hefty price tag.

Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre Aviator Product Details

  • Lightweight full-rim hypoallergenic carbon fibre frames
  • Acetate nose pads
  • Glass lenses
  • UV 400 filter for 100% UV protection
  • Lens base curve 6
  • Genuine Ray-Ban logo and pouch
  • Made in Italy
  • Six months free repair for accidental damage (See terms).
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