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This is a page from AlphaSunglasses with general information about designer sunglasses. Eyewear is a hugely important industry and wearing sunglasses is not just about making a fashion statement, there is plenty of evidence that our eyes need protection from damaging light rays.

But finding the right frames and lenses is not always easy. Many frames look great online but can be most unflattering when you put them on. There are lots of ways you can cut down on the effort to find the sunglasses that flatter your face and enhance your lifestyle.

We have articles on picking sunglasses that will fit your face, on what are the most sought-after shades and how far manufacturers will go to sell you a pair of high fashion branded sunglasses.

We have articles to help you choose from expensive designer brands, whether it is worth paying extra and why sunglasses can be good for your eyesight. We also take a long look at lenses and ask how long UV protection will last, what types of lens give what level of protection and how lenses are tested for optical clarity and toughness.

Performance eyewear is all the rage with many sports personalities promoting their favourite sports sunglasses. It's not just a case of cutting out the glare these days; sunglasses can be tailored for sport-specific environments where crisp, clear vision can give a real competitive edge.

Most of today's top-selling sunglasses brands are owned by just a few conglomerates and they spend thousands of dollars on promotion and celebrity endorsement. With so much money at stake, it's no surprise that the sunglasses market is awash with cheap fakes. We look at whether buying fakes makes you a sharp player or a gullible clown.

Whatever your interest we hope you find something to educate or amuse in this collection of articles about the world of sunglasses. Please contact us if you have views of your own to share.

Searching for sunglasses

Trends have a marked effect on which brands people buy. Who is wearing what is often be a major factor in choosing what to wear.

Choosing designer sunglasses

Most of us have a pair of cheap shades hanging around, and they do the basics by turning the world into a murky fog.

How to clean glasses

Good sunglasses don't come cheap and they can get a lot of wear, especially if you are an outdoors type' and soon look grubby.

Perils of cheap sunglasses

Some will tell you not to spend too much on designer frames and they would be right. Luxury brands come with a hefty price tag.

Best selling eyewear brands

Sunglasses have become big business and the designer eyewear market is dominated by just a few brands. Even those are not all they seem.

Sunglasses are good for you

As hats fell out of style so did protection for the eyes against the summer sun but sunglasses quickly came to the rescue.

Monster mark-up for eyewear

Whether you opt for designer eyewear from Oakley or Ray-Ban, chances are they will be sold by a trio of companies at a premium.

Sunglasses for cycling

Clear vision is as important for cyclists as having strong legs and powerful lungs so wearing the right sunglasses is vital.

How to spot fake Ray-Bans

With Ray-Ban sunglasses selling at premium prices there is little joy in finding out that your favourite shades turn out to be cheap fakes.

Oakley technologies explained

The Oakley brand, probably more than any other, claims to be at the forefront of technology. But Oakley jargon can be confusing.

Tips on buying sports glasses

Sports glasses are more popular than ever but there are several things to consider before choosing to buy a pair of sports sunglasses.

How long does UV protection last?

When we buy sunglasses, we often look for the UV label that tells if lenses offer 100% protection against harmful rays.

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