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Trends in sales of designer sunglasses can have a marked effect on which brands people buy.

Who is wearing what is often be a significant factor in helping fashion conscious customers make up their mind which sunglasses to buy.

With so many brands and even more models to choose from it can be bewildering and it's not always easy to judge what's on trend and what isn't.

Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to gauge which sunglasses brands are attracting attention these days – check out the number of searches made on Google, Bing and other search engines.

The figures are freely available to those who sign up to the relative online advertising schemes. Traders want to know who is clicking on what before laying out cash for pay-per-click advertising.

it doesn't take too long to figure out which are this month's favourite brands, but you need to check the lists over time if you want to get a better idea of which are the most sought-after shades.

Many trends don't last long, of course, and no sooner are they soaring when the bubble bursts and it's another brand that's making waves.

Although trends do come and go, some designer sunglasses brands seem to stick no matter what the latest fashion craze.

Here is a breakdown of who is currently looking for what in the world of designer eyewear on internet search engines.

Top 10 sunglasses brands
  • Both Oakley and Ray-Ban brands confidently top the poll of web searches for designer sunglasses. Google reports more than 33,000 searches a month for eyewear from both merchants. It's nothing new to see Oakley and Ray-Ban leading the way. They have been style setters for years with Ray-Ban the originator of the classic and much copied Aviator and Wayfarer styles.
  • The designer that makes the second-place spot for searches on sunglasses is Tom Ford with more than 12,000 a month. The American artist worked for Gucci in Milan, Italy, before breaking out on his own. He collaborated with the Marconi Group to distribute sunglasses, and the eyewear brand now ranks in the top three at speciality stores worldwide.
  • A trio of designers makes it to the third place search spot for luxury eyewear with nearly 10,000 monthly searches online each month. French fashion houses Chanel and Dior join the Italian brand Prada to tie for third place. Chanel and Prada struck deals with giant eyewear conglomerate Luxottica to license their luxury eyewear while Dior opted for the Italian licensing giant Safilo.
  • Out on his own like Tom Ford but in fourth place is Michael Kors with more than 8,000 searches every month. Michael Kors sunglasses are a big hit with female celebrities and among the few stars often seen wearing them are Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michelle Obama although he creates frames for man as well.
  • Two design houses tie for fifth place, typed into search engines by more than 6,500 a month. They are French design house Celine and Italian fashion store Gucci. Both have been around for years with Celine once boasting Michael Kors on the payroll. Despite its Italian roots, Gucci is now French-owned
  • Halfway down the top ten table comes Versace sunglasses with well over 5,000 monthly searches. It sounds French but began life in Milan and now markets luxury fashion worldwide. Famed for its bold designs, Versace has carved out its niche in the luxury sunglasses market.
  • Two brands hit the number seven slot with Persol and Miu Miu registering more than 4,000 internet searches monthly. Persol started life as performance glasses for pilots and athletes while the Italian Miu Liu was once an offshoot of Prada and is now licensed by the Luxottica conglomerate.
  • A trio makes it to number eight in the search engine stakes with over 3,500 monthly. Australian newcomers Quay sunglasses alongside Police and Louis Vuitton. Melbourne Quay started out on the Aussie festival circuit, but its oversized frames now sell in 35 countries. Police launched its unisex eyewear in 1983 and have remained a staunchly independent brand just like Louis Vuitton which started as a suitcase manufacturer but is now known the world over for luxury designer wear and its iconic VL logo.
  • Then a whole ruck of designers come bunched at number nine with nearly 3,000 monthly searches. They include outdoor performance eyewear specialist Bloc along with better-known luxury sunglasses makers like Armani, Carrera, Bvlgari and Tiffany.
  • The bottom of the table is packed with more idiosyncratic labels of Porsche, Victoria Beckham and Ralph Lauren sunglasses with just under 2,500 searches a month. But it's only a small drop to household names like Ted Baker, Fendi, Bolle, Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Serengeti.
And the runners up are

There are so many brands of designer sunglasses these days it's hard to keep track. Every artist seems to bring out their range of fashion accessories, including handbags and eyewear.

We have not even mentioned such luminaries as Hugo Boss, Nike, Adidas, Lacoste, Jimmy Choo, Burberry or Vogue while fashion stars like Vivienne Westwood and Stella McCartney don't even get a look-in.

And brands like Maui Jim and Serengheti, Tag, Guess and Revo may make the top 10 lists of best sunglasses brands by sales, but they are not the most sought after when it comes to internet searches.

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