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Ray-Ban is a global leader in designer eyewear market and one of the best-selling sunglasses brands in the world.

Ray-Ban has carved out its own a unique place in the world of glamorous eyewear with its iconic sunglasses the first choice of many famous celebrities.

Its reputation for superb design, unbeatable performance and unmistakable sophistication has made Ray-Bans recognised the world over.

Oakley sunglasses also have a world-wide reputation for cutting-edge optics technology and high-performance frames with their huge range of glasses and goggles in the Oakley stable.

Oakley is one of the most innovative of brands, and its products are the eyewear of choice in the sports world, notably for skiing and cycling.

Expertise in welding state-of-the-art optics to hand-crafted precision detailing has made Oakley a major player in the world of designer sunglasses.

Oakley sunglassesNEW TWIST ON A CLASSICOakley Tailpin eyewear

Oakley Tailpins give a new twist to the classic Aviator style. A lightweight but durable metal alloy is used for the distinctive stem architecture while laser etching on the lens rim adds a minimalist touch. The fragile look belies the robust stress-resistant but beautiful frames. Lenses come with built-in filters to eliminate harmful UV light. Spring hinges adjust to the wearer, and air-filled silicone nose pads make the glasses comfortable to wear. The half-rimmed Oakley Tailpin glasses will flatter any face shape.

Discount designer sunglassesRAY-BAN AD CAMPAIGNSNever Hide success

New Italian owners of Ray-Ban were faced with a problem when they bought out the company. Ray-Ban sunglasses were downmarket and selling cheap in supermarkets. As part of a bid to take Ray-Ban upmarket again, Luxottica launched a massive marketing campaign as well as shifting production to modern eyewear factories in Italy. The 'NEVER HIDE' campaign took the brand to new heights and put it at the top of the luxury eyewear market in just a few years. Ray-Ban has never looked back since.

Ray-Ban sunglassesSETTING STYLE STANDARDSRay-Ban Aviator sunglasses

Nothing is more classic than a pair of Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses. The style has not just stood the test of time it has dominated it and shows no sign of faltering as the decades roll by. The thin double-bridge metal frame and inverted teardrop lenses have become the standard style for metal-frame sunglasses. With upwards of 40 variations on its iconic theme, Ray-Ban Aviators offer something for everyone. Modern versions come with scores of frame and lens colour options.

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