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Ray-Ban is a global leader in designer eyewear market and one of the best-selling sunglasses brands in the world.

Ray-Ban has carved out its own a unique place in the world of glamorous eyewear with its iconic sunglasses the first choice of many famous celebrities.

Its reputation for superb design, unbeatable performance and unmistakable sophistication has made Ray-Bans recognised the world over.

Oakley sunglasses also have a world-wide reputation for cutting-edge optics technology and high-performance frames with their huge range of glasses and goggles in the Oakley stable.

Oakley is one of the most innovative of brands, and its products are the eyewear of choice in the sports world, notably for skiing and cycling.

Expertise in welding state-of-the-art optics to hand-crafted precision detailing has made Oakley a major player in the world of designer sunglasses.

Ray-Ban sunglassesCHISELLED WAYFARER STYLEOakley Jupiter eyewear

Yet another modern take on the legendary Wayfarer style, Oakley Jupiters add a chisselled sweep and street smart arms inspired by switchblade knives. Sculpted integrated hinges and a bunch of patented high-tech specifics bring these retro shades bang up to date. Aimed at the casual market, Jupiter sunglasses both perform well in action and look good on the street. Design flare sets these Oakleys apart from the common herd. Chiselled metal accents add a street-cool touch to an iconic design.

Ray-Ban sunglassesPRIZM LENSES FROM OAKLEYHow do Prizm lenses work?

Prizm lenses have made a significant impact in the performance eyewear field. The lenses enhance light transmission at wavelengths that feature strongest in specific sporting scenarios. Golfers can judge the bumps on the putting on greens; motocross riders can spot trail variations more readily, and snowboarders can detect patches of ice much more quickly. Athletes and sports enthusiasts claim improved results from better vision. But how do Oakley Prizm lenses work and are they worth the extra cash?

Ray-Ban sunglassesSETTING NEW STANDARDSRay-Ban New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer sunglasses are a modern take on the classic style that has paved the way for many imitators. A shade smaller than the original Wayfarers these shades have softer lines and less dominant lenses. New Wayfarers come in with a plethora of colour and lens options including gradient, mirror and polarised. The New Wayfarer pays homage to an iconic brand that has dominated the market for years while adding a new, trendier, forward-looking dimension.

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