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Ray-Ban is a global leader in designer eyewear market and one of the best-selling sunglasses brands in the world.

Ray-Ban has carved out its own a unique place in the world of glamorous eyewear with its iconic sunglasses the first choice of many famous celebrities.

Its reputation for superb design, unbeatable performance and unmistakable sophistication has made Ray-Bans recognised the world over.

Oakley sunglasses also have a world-wide reputation for cutting-edge optics technology and high-performance frames with their huge range of glasses and goggles in the Oakley stable.

Oakley is one of the most innovative of brands, and its products are the eyewear of choice in the sports world, notably for skiing and cycling.

Expertise in welding state-of-the-art optics to hand-crafted precision detailing has made Oakley a major player in the world of designer sunglasses.

Oakley sunglassesA CLASSY SPORT CASUAL BLENDOakley Valve sunglasses

The curved frame of Oakley Valves look their best on large faces, but they will enhance all shapes and sizes. These shades blend sports and casual in a wraparound design that offers rugged sports durability. The featherweight frame has a two-tone layer that runs right along the arms and a variety of lens options that include patented Iridium and HD Polaroid. Oakley Valves are a classy choice for the street or the sports arena — a casual lifestyle model with the performance of top sports sunglasses.

Oakley sunglassesOAKLEY'S PRIZM LENSESWe check out the hype

Oakley Prizm lenses have made a huge impact in the sports world. Already famous for its performance eyewear Oakley claims to break new ground with its revolutionary Prizm lens technology. Prizm lenses emphasise colours at specific wavelengths thus raising contrast levels and improving depth perception. By matching colours to sporting environments Oakley claims to have produced eyewear tailored to specific pursuits, from golf to fishing, from cycling to sailing. We look at some of the claims.

Designer sunglasses shopUPDATED RETRO VINTAGERay-Ban Erika Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Erikas give a contemporary twist to the retro vintage look. They take the classic Clubmaster template and add an array of modern, bright colours to the flattering rubberised oval frame. Erikas are a style statement, with their oversized round lenses, sweeping lines, neatly tapered temples and sleek metal arms. Lightweight lenses filter out all UV light and come with a range of options from polarised to gradient. Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses are a perfect for those looking for classic retro with a modern edge.

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