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Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses Review

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A style icon since their reintroduction in the 1980s, Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses take their inspiration from design trends the even further back in the fifties.

Of course, Ray-Ban is the brand to look for if you want iconic eyewear and the Clubmaster is without doubt one of the best the company has ever produced.

Clubmasters are in the style of browline glasses, popular since that late 1950s. Browline glasses have bolder upper rims to the lens frame and were the typical style in the early 1960s. The form was rejuvenated in the late 1980s and again in this century along with the rise of retro.

Original makers of Clubmaster glasses were Bausch and Lomb who launched their Ray-Ban brownlines in the sixties, but it was in the mid-1980s that they brought out the Clubmaster to complement the famous Wayfarer and Aviators.

Ray-Ban Clubmasters rose to become the third top-selling models ever until fashion styles made one of those quirky sidesteps. Wearers were branded nerdy or worse as Clubmasters were seen to be old-fashioned and staid.

It was the surge in 1960s nostalgia in the mid-noughties that prompted another revival, and TV stars were soon sporting the browline look. Ray-Ban saw the Clubmaster shed its conservative image and become a sign of retro.

Modern Clubmasters come with a range of options

Today the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is as iconic as the Wayfarer and Aviator. Modern Clubmasters come in a range of colours and styles such as oversized, folding, wood and aluminium. They have also swelled from male to unisex and appeal to women as much as they do to men.

Clubmasters emphasise the wearer's natural browline with a dark or contrasting material along the top of the frame and temples and a thin metal frame to hold the bottom of the lens in place.

It's good for us that Luxottica hasn't stood still and rested on its well-earned laurels. Ray-Ban designers like to develop the original to reflect more current fashions while keeping the unique style.

Worn by celebrities such as Kate Moss and Lily Allen, as well as movie stars including Bruce Willis, Matt Damon and Michael Douglas, Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses have definitely established their place in the classic Ray-Ban line-up.

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster offers a lighter-weight option featuring a browline design that is still slightly reminiscent of the classic Wayfarer design. Gold coloured metal wire frames and bridge are complemented by acetate upper frames and arms.

When Clubmasters arrived on the scene in the 1950s they had a very masculine appeal but, times change and today's remastered Clubmasters are much more unisex, and hugely accessible no matter what your gender.

Clubmasters are all about retro chic. What hasn't changed is the sophisticated air that has always set this design apart from the competition. These sunglasses are more than iconic; they have come to represent a whole era of fashion.

ray band clubmaster review

Fashion statements in the modern era are all about classic retro and these days they seem to switch repeatedly between the Wayfarer look and the Clubmaster look.

The latest Clubmaster sunglasses look great on those with a smaller square or oval-shaped face as the bolder upper frame adds balance but, honestly, they look flattering on virtually everybody.

Ray-Ban Clubmasters come with a wide range of lens options, but all have the built-in clarity we have come to expect from one of the world's leading sunglasses manufacturer.

Classic solid colour lens options include the typical Ray-Ban brown and green crystal lens types that have stood the test of time. Gradient lenses also come in a wide range of exciting and innovative colours as well as the more traditional grey and brown.

For extra clarity of vision choose a polarised lens that cuts down the glare and is easier on the eyes, or opt for the Ray-Ban Flash lenses with a mirror coating to add an extra edge in blue, silver or green.

We offer a range of Clubmaster sunglasses in a variety of colours, sizes and options. Lenses are available in a classic scratch-resistant crystal as well as the recently introduced on-trend choice of crystal mirror finishes.

All of our Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses are supplied with a genuine case and fabric pouch, as well as our comprehensive six-month accidental damage warranty.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Product Details

  • Acetate upper frames and arms
  • Lightweight, hypoallergenic metal frames
  • Crystal glass lenses
  • Scratch-resistant lenses
  • UV 400 filter for 100% UV protection
  • G-15® neutral lenses transmit all colours equally
  • Genuine Ray-Ban case and pouch
  • Made in Italy