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The Ray-Ban Sunglasses Brand

One of the most iconic brands in history Ray-Ban eyewear has been at the forefront of celebrity culture for many decades. From the launch of its aviator lenses for US pilots in the 1930s, Ray-Ban sunglasses have led the world in style.

When the company's anti-glare lenses went on sale to the public, the fame of its Aviator sunglasses spread rapidly, and Ray-Ban released a spate of eyewear aimed at outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing and shooting.

Ray-Ban quickly became known for its innovation such as gradient mirror lenses. Sunglasses initially produced for the US military quickly caught on with the general public who wanted the same high-performance eyewear.

The brand slid quickly from military to pop culture as Hollywood movies spread across the world in the 1950s and movie star glamour made an impact on fashion.

Screen legends like James Dean and Audrey Hepburn helped turn Ray-Ban sunglasses into the most sought-after fashion accessories.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer and Signet models were introduced as the company continued to innovate and a dedicated range of sunglasses for women was released in 1958.

Signature styles for men, women and children followed in a range of colours and materials as Ray-Ban continued to be the sunglasses brand of choice for the stars, from Clint Eastwood to Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson to Johnny Depp.

Innovation in lens manufacture was quickly adopted. Ray-Ban models appeared with photochromic and mirror lenses while new materials helped widen the company's range to include sports and prescription eyewear.

In 1999, Ray-Ban was acquired by the Luxottica Group, and a major expansion of the brand soon followed.

Ray-Ban has always been at the forefront of technological breakthroughs with carbon fibre frames resulting in lightweight, flexible but durable frame while P3 crystal lenses give exceptional polarisation and high definition colour.

Ray-Ban celebrated its 75th anniversary with the release of Ray-Ban Ambermatic 2012 Limited Edition glasses and four classic Ray-Ban Aviator styles with the legendary 1978 photochromic lens.

Down the decades, Ray-Ban sunglasses have helped shape modern culture. Never a follower of transient trends, Ray-Ban eyewear has promoted individual taste and has now become an enduring classic. This is in part thanks to Ray-Ban's comprehensive approach to styling and its unique flair for staying at the very forefront of contemporary design.

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